Annoying Snoying
Do you know an Annoying Snoying?
This Annoying Snoying doesn’t know when to stop.
This below is a narrated film – turn up your sound and watch till the end…

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Sleepy Beepy
Do you know a Sleepy Beepy? This Sleepy Beepy LOOOVES to sleep…maybe she can help children who do NOT love sleeping as much as she does!

Noisy Woizy
Do you know a Noisy Woizy? This Woizy is very, very noisy. All day, and even at night. For his parents, enough is enough. Time to get tough!

Worried Snorried
Do you know a Worried Snorried? This Snorried is often worried. All the time in fact. She worries about important things and silly things. She even worries that the sky night fall on her head….

Angry Pangry
Do you know an Angry Pangry? This Pangry gets angry very often. One day, while very angry, he sees a most horrible sight. What is it?

Moody Snoody
Do you know a Moody Snoody? This Snoody is very moody. Very very moody. And sometimes all those different moods can be somewhat exhausting…

Whiney Miney
Do you know a Whiney Miney? This Miney is whiney about everything, especially at bedtime. Whiney Miney’s mother warns him not to whine on windy days, but does he listen?

Muddly Duddly
Do you know a Muddly Duddly? This Duddly is muddly. Very very muddly. He sleeps on the table and showers in bed, keeps toast in his pockets, and juice on his head…

Muddy Snuddy
Do you know a Muddy Snuddy. This Muddy Snuddy loves the mud. He loves jumping in it, throwing it, rolling in it. At night he dreams of mud. What happens when the sun comes up?

Sad Flad
Do you know a Sad Flad? This Flad is sad, but we’re not sure why. Maybe this story will cheer her up, and anyone else (big or small) who may be feeling a little sad.

Bumpy Wumpy
Do you know a Bumpy Wumpy? This Bumpy Wumpy is covered in bandages. What can his mother do to help?

Cryee Wyee
Do you know a Cryee Wyee? This Cryee Wyee cries a LOT. Once she cried so much that the house began to flood…uh oh…

Chocolate Wocolate
Do you know a Chocolate Wocolate? This Chocolate Wocolate loves chocolate so much, that she wishes the whole world was made of it…

Grabby Wabby
Do you know a Grabby Wabby? This Grabby Wabby is always grabbing things, even a Snuffle-Snoffle-Snofs. Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all…

No Bo
Do you know a No Bo? This No Bo says NO! to nearly everything – even Jello-o. Surely some mistake….?

Kind Flind
Do you know a Kind Flind? This Kind Flind is kind to absolutely everyone, even Horrible Snorrible…

Cuddly Wuddly
Do you know a Cuddly Wuddly? This Cuddly Wuddly loves to cuddle. She will even cuddle rocks…and socks…and monsters…

Grumpy Mumpy
Do you know a Grumpy Mumpy? This Grumpy Mumpy gets very grumpy indeed. He couldn’t be over-tired, could he?

Messy Hessy
Do you know a Messy Hessy? This Messy Hessy is SO messy, she even manages to lose a chocolate cake…

Silly Snilly
Do you know a Silly Snilly? This Silly Snilly is so inspiringly silly, that the whole rest of the world starts being silly too…

Fussy Mussy
Do you a Fussy Mussy? This Fussy Mussy is so picky with food, she will only eat…wood!

Naughty Horty
Do you know a Naughty Horty? This Naughty Horty is for sure Naughty Person Number One!!!

Umbrella Stella
Umbrella Stella has an unusual best friend that takes her on the most wonderful adventures…

Gross Snoas
Snoas is gross. He has slime coming out the top of his head and he smells really bad. But then Snoaser comes along. And Snoaser… Snoaser is grosser…

Scribbly Wibbly
When Scribbly Wibbly gets excited, crazy things can happen. Especially where chocolate is involved…

Spotty Dottie
Spotty Dottie loves spots. She keeps thousands of them in her hat. No, actually, millions of them. So she has to be very careful on windy days…

Little Snittle
When you’re little, it can take a whole day to walk across a shoe, and a week to eat a cake crumb…

Itchy Snitchy

Itchy Snitchy has a very itchy back. But she has no arms so she can’t scratch. When she finds a tree and starts rubbing her back against it, things start going a bit wrong…

Orange Porringe
Nothing rhymes with orange, or so they say. Well then, what about the porringe, who lives in a snorringe huh huh? What about him?

Gray Flay
Flay is gray, every day, from Monday to Saturday. But on Sunday, something AMAZING happens…

Green Fleen Geraldine
Geraldine is a fleen, but she is green. How can this be? Everyone know fleens are meant to be blue…

Blue Sue
Sue’s poo is blue. What can she do? A man from the zoo comes along to save the day.

Jumpy Wumpy
Jumpy Wumpy loves to jump. Over bumps and humps and lumps. But something unexpected happens when she jumps on a strange grey hill…

Hairy Mary
Nairy is very, very, very, very, very hairy. Until one day when the scary fairy arrives…

Smelly Melly
Melly was, uh…smelly. Very, very smelly. He refuses to shower, or bath, or stand in the rain. One day Mister Pink comes by, and boy, Mister Pink sure does stink…

Mister A
Mister a loves to eat apples, which is why he stands below the apple tree. Soon they begin to fall….yum!

Miss B
Miss b loves her blue bouncing ball. But suddenly it’s bouncing all over the place…

Mister C
Mister c loves crunching carrots. What happens when he comes across a huuuuuuge slice of chocolate cake?

Mister D
Mister d is standing enjoying his day when along comes Diggy Dog. Diggy Dog, who love digging, begins to dig. Down and down he digs. What happens next is not so good…

Miss E
Miss e is very happy to come across the eggidy-egg-og-og. Why, because she loves eggs of course!

Mister F
Mister f loves frogs. Can he balance five frogs on his head? Maybe, but let’s hope nothing goes wrong…

Miss G
Miss g loves green. When she sees something green, she starts jumping up and down. But then she gets so excited that something not-so-good happens….

Mister H
Mister h is hot. He needs a hat. Mouse is cross, she needs a house. Maybe there’s a simple solution that will make them both happy?

Mister I
Mister i is very lucky because his head is not attached to his body. He is also lucky because he lives in two igloos. TWO IGLOOS? Why would he possibly need TWO igloos?

Miss J
Miss j loves to jump. Jumpy Wumpy loves to jump. But jellyfish has never jumped before. When she tries, disaster strikes!!

King K
King k wears a golden crown. He is lucky enough to have a kangaroo called Kelvin and a kayak. He also loves flying kites.