When our kids were younger, we used to tell them lots of stories. We told them stories to make them giggle, to stop them giggling, to help with table manners, and, of course, we told them stories to get them to sleep.

We decided to write them down, and the mylittleanimals concept was born.

Some, like

Moody Snoody, or

Grabby Wabby, helped with parenting stuff.

Some, like our alphabet stories

or our colour stories like

Orange Porringe, were written to help make learning fun.

And others, for example

Umbrella Stella, or

Hairy Mary, or

Little Snittle, were just plain snilly.

Through this website we’ll be sharing the stories with you.
We’ll be adding a new one every few weeks.


    – Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar
      (Marin County, California, 2018)